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2018 in Review

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For the last time of 2018: Welcome back to the Settler’s Landing Blog! To finish off our posts for the year, we’re taking a look at all of our blog topics of 2018. We’ll list the title of each blog from the year, followed by a little description of what the post was about. Thanks for being a part of our apartment community in California, MD!

2018 Blog Topics

From “Quotes That Inspire” to “Top Four Thanksgiving Day Breakfast Recipes,” this was a great year of blogging!

“Quotes That Inspire”

Feeling low on inspiration? To start off our blog posts for the year, we decided to share some of our favorite inspirational quotes.

“Host a Game Night”

Planning that perfect game night can be tricky, but we’re not giving up on you! We shared some sure-fire ideas when it comes to hosting game night.

“Things to Learn that Will Change Your Life”

Ten minutes can change your life forever. In March, we encouraged readers to meditate, improve their average performance, and triple their reading speed — among other things.

“Magical Recipes”

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child came to Broadway this year. In celebration, we shared some of our favorite Harry Potter-themed recipes.

“3 Easy Ways to Avoid Looking Like a Tourist”

Some people want to avoid looking like a tourist when on vacation. We don’t blame them! The three tips in our May post are sure to help!

“Summer Reading Suggestions”

Books like The Paper Magician and Never Let Me Go will help you exercise your mind and imagination — two things perfect for the summer season.

“Summer Movie Marathon”

We filled our July post with five movie recommendations that are perfect for a summer movie marathon. What are your go-to summer movies?

“Amenities that will Make You Smile”

Resident or not, our list of amenities will redefine your understanding of an apartment living experience. We decided to make this a prime focus of our blog back in August.

“How to Host a Murder Mystery Party”

We finished off the summer season with tips for hosting your very own murder mystery party. Planning a successful murder mystery party can be difficult, costly, and time-consuming. Hopefully, we made it a little easier for you!

“Autumn Desserts Worth Making this Season”

October was a great month. We compiled some of our favorite autumn treats and encourages readers to make them in their apartments.

“Top Four Thanksgiving Day Breakfast Recipes”

For November, we wanted to focus on breakfast instead of Thanksgiving dinner. How would you like to sink your teeth into cranberry eggnog scones and other delicious dishes?