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Host a Game Night

Settler's Landing Blog, California, MD  Try something out-of-the-box with this game night idea for you and some friends at your apartment.

Welcome back to the Settler’s Landing blog. In our last post, we shared some of our favorite inspirational quotes. We hope you continue to feel motivated and inspired as the year moves forward. Today, we’re sharing a few ideas to help you plan a perfect game night in your California, MD apartment.


Our first idea is a little time intensive, but certainly a ton of fun. This Mafia Game Night comes from The Dating Divas. The site says, “If you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary, this is a group date night you’ll definitely enjoy. As you play Mafia, you will get to know the devious and dangerous side of your spouse and your friends. It’s never boring because each phase of the game is different and governed by the people who are playing!” Extra points if you invite your guests to dress up Mafia style!


We also love the idea of doing Fishbowl for game night. This game is great for a ton of laughs and some fun competition. It’s also a great way to learn how to communicate with new people, so choose your words wisely.


Of course, what pairs better with games than snacks? We think something sweet or salty would be a great snack for you and your friends. Feel free to suggest friends bring drinks or a snack to share with others. Maybe try this for S’mores Popcorn from Eat Cake for Dinner. It’s an excellent combination of popcorn, chocolate, and marshmallow!


Have fun hosting your friends in your apartment home in Settler’s Landing. Do you have a fun game idea that you’d love to share? Leave a comment below so that all of our residents can enjoy trying it out. Check back often for more great blog posts like this one! Thanks for reading.