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Things to Learn that Will Change Your Life

Settler's Landing Blog, California, MD  Ten minutes can change your life forever. Keep reading to learn more about how you can get started.

Ten minutes and a lifetime to benefit. Our Settler’s Landing Blog invites you to take the time to learn something that will change your life forever. Change your life? The phrase might make you laugh. Changing your life can seem like a lifelong task, and depending on what you’re trying to accomplish it might take that long.


Today, we’re sharing a few things that only take ten minutes to earn each, maybe even less. The great thing about these is that they have long-lasting, life-changing benefits. They might seem simple—at first glance, you might even fail to see a long-term benefit to learning them—but you’d be surprised how your life in California, MD can improve by such simple actions.


The first item in our list is meditation. Learning to meditate is a quick-to-learn skill that can affect the rest of your life. Take ten minutes to calm your mind and breathe; this is your time, so don’t think about work or responsibilities—this is your time to relax and focus. Meditation has many benefits, some short- and some long-term. Online, there are many videos that teach how to meditate. Some people will even find their own way to do it. Read up on some of the many benefits of meditation.


Learning to improve your average performance is something that can be done in short stretches each day. While we are taught to improve our peak performance, we must not overlook our average performance. By improving on this, your peak will eventually rise. Whether you want to work on your average speed on your bike or an average number of assignments you complete at work, commit ten minutes a day to work on these.


Other things that you can learn are memorization techniques, planning ahead, and tripling your reading speed. With memorization, focus on remembering hard-to-reach memories, or when going to the grocery store practice repeating your list of groceries. If you fail at making or keeping plans, set up some appointments for yourself this week—it might be an appointment to meet a friend or to hit up our fitness center and yoga studio. Many audiobooks have a function that reads through a book at a faster speed; while this might be hard to understand or confusing at first, it won’t take more than ten minutes for your mind to adjust. With enough listening, you’ll start to see your reading speed improve.


Changing your life does not have to be achieved with one big overarching action, event, or task; quite frankly, it’s often the little things (and a bunch of different actions) that work together to build up a better and stronger life. We invite you to take ten minutes out of your week to try at least one of these. If you’re adventurous, why not try more? Whether you’re relaxing in your apartment or in between projects at work, ten minutes can change your life. And that’s a fact.